EQ: What are best practices for using a teacher iPad ?


  • Review the iPad navigation and settings on teacher iPads.
  • Verify iCloud backup for user account and Apple apps.
  • Use several apps to discuss best practices to use an iPad for instruction


Task #1: iPad Setup Checklist & Settings
  • iPad name
  • Apple ID
  • iCloud backup & Apple apps
Task #2: Using the Control Center
  • Connecting to an Apple TV
  • Volume & Brightness
  • Airplane mode (rapid charging)
  • Wifi (for Apple TV drops)
  • Bluetooth (for devices, but uses battery)
  • Do Not Disturb (silence alerts & notifications)
  • Rotation lock
  • Timer & Stopwatch
  • Camera
Task #3: Managing Apps

  • Moving apps to another screen
  • Deleting apps (remain in account)
  • Grouping apps (drag & drop)
  • Searching for apps (swipe down from between columns)
  • Quitting Apps
Task #4: Using email
Task #5: Using Safari

  • Creating & Managing Bookmarks
  • Adding to Home Screen/Creating webclips (shortcuts that look like apps)
  • Adding pages to Reading List (for off-line viewing)
Task #6: Teaching with the iPad
  • Doceri
  • Belkin Stage