EQ: How can video projects be used to demonstrate student learning and understanding?

Participants will be able to storyboard a project, shoot and edit the video and images in iMovie.
Participants will be able to list the steps for using iMovie in the classroom.
Participants will be able to list the copyright considerations for using iMovie in the classroom.
Participants will be able to assess an iMovie project.

Discussion on using video for classroom projects for instruction and assessment
View sample student projects and discuss steps of project
  • Open iMovie
  • Before we get started we have to change some settings. Go to iMovie-Preferences-Click on Advanced Tools
  • Next, go to View-Click Playhead Info
  • You need to first decide, “What do I want to create?”
  • Am I looking to have Video, Digital Pictures, Voice, combination of all 3?
  • You can import Video/Pictures from a digital camera, FlipCam, iPhone or video camera. You will want your video files to be MP4’s not AVII.

Discuss copyright issues and demonstrate the use of the image wikispace
Record video and select images to use for project
Demonstrate editing in iMovie and features of the program.
  • If you are looking to import your photos from iPhoto, simply click on the box (camera) shown below, if you are looking for Audio, you would click on the Music symbol:
Screen shot 2012-06-18 at 10.22.29 PM.png
  • If you are looking to import video, go to File-Import-Movie
  • Once you have all of your video/images in you simply highlight and drag them into your Project Library like below:
Screen shot 2012-06-18 at 10.22.36 PM.png
  • You can highlight, drag and drop your pictures if you would like them in a different order. There are many different options you can do such as adding green screen, picture in picture and other various features the more advanced you get.

Discuss exporting, collecting and assessing student work.
  • Share-Export Movie-Here you can choose the size you wish to use.

Tools: iMovie wikispace, flip cams, iMovie software, storyboards, sample commerical websites