EQ: How do you effectively flip or blend your classroom for engagement and improved student mastery of content?


  1. Participants will define blended and flipped learning.
  2. Participants will discuss the implications on students, teachers and parents in blended and flipped classrooms.
  3. Participants will examine finding and creating blended/flipped learning content.


Educause article (why flip?)

Rik Appleby's Math Videos

Flipped Classroom

Created by Knewton and Column Five Media

1407690391_new-24.pngResources for Creating and Finding Videos
Gooru - Search engine for finding high quality education videos.

Khan Academy

FIZZ Flipped classroom

1407690391_new-24.png Resources for Learning about Flipped Learning

How to blend/flip resource
Flipped Learning Network
Flipped classroom on Pinterest

What if scenarios...