EQ: How can Pixie be used as a tool for instruction, remediation and assessment?

Participants will be able to utilize Pixie tools to create text, audio and video files with their students.
Participants will be able to find Pixie files for use with students.
Participants will be able to collect Pixie documents from students
Participants will be able to assess student understanding using Pixie and list methods used to assess Pixie files.

Why use this tool for integration?

Overview of Pixie program
  • Tools
  • Activities
  • Saving files
  • Other file export options
Finding Pixie files using tech4learning website.
Collecting Pixie files (naming and file structure) using Moodle, flash drive and Dropbox
Assessment of Pixie files using checklist rubric and criterion rubric

Tools: tech4learning website, pixie handouts, Alignment to Common Core, Tech4Learning Trading Post

Sue's Dropbox site for today's files