EQ: How can an iPad be used as a presentation device in your classroom or as a station?

  1. Explore iPad apps that are used in Hempfield to enhance student learning.
  2. Share apps that teachers have used to meet individual student needs.
  3. Use resources to locate apps that support the grade level curriculum.
  4. Review and suggest apps for use in Hempfield classrooms.

  1. Using the iPad and cart as a presentation device (individual iPads) - Nearpod

  2. Using the iPad as a presentation device (Doceri)

    1. Apple TV vs. laptop connections
    2. Doceri - Pinterest searchScreen Shot 2013-08-21 at 10.50.08 PM.png
    3. Doceri - You Tube Channel videos1371512782_HP-Video-Folder-Dock-512.png
    4. Dewey document stand + Board Cam app 1371512782_HP-Video-Folder-Dock-512.png
  3. Using the iPad as a station

    1. Quizlet
    2. Spelling City
    3. Popplet Free
    4. PicCollage
  4. Using the iPad cart

    1. Cart will be delivered after the first cycle.
    2. Adding apps - Apps Request Form
    3. Finding apps
      1. Apps Gone Free - app that has daily list of free apps
      2. EdShelf - Apps evaluated
      3. Appitic - Apps evaluated by Apple Distinguished Educators
      4. Graphite - Common Sense Media's app review website
      5. Social list of Best Educational Apps
    4. Apps that have been used successfully with the cart
      1. Googledocs (web only)
      2. Study Island (web)
      3. Discovery Streaming
        1. teacher and student logins
        2. saving pics to photo library - press and hold on picture
      4. Productivity Apps
        1. Pages
        2. Keynote
  5. Sharing!!! What have you found?


Knowing your iPad