EQ: What tools are available for students to use to created visual displays to demonstrate their learning?


Participants will explore various tools for students and teachers to create visual displays.
Participants will discuss assessing student created visual displays.


Introduction to visual displays

Student Voice - a student-made film about visual learning

This short film was produced by a group of Visual Learning Lab interns. Based on a series of interviews conducted by VLL interns with fellow students on learning in HE, and in particular visual learning and related technology uses, this film presents findings and recommendations from the interview analysis by the VLL interns. The film is meant as a critical tool for triggering and supporting discussions about (visual) learning in HE by staff and students. It deliberately represents the students perceptions of (visual) learning. It is not meant to be representative, but offers a snapshot of some students views.

apple3-1.png What are the benefits of visual displays to helping students learn?

1407690414_bubble-24.png What kinds of visual displays are students currently creating in your classroom?
Tool: Answergarden

Creation Tools

Infographics - Balloon Stickies - Image Chef - Make Belief Comics

Discovery Ed Board Builder - Google Draw - Skitch - Popplet

Kathy Schrock's Guide to Infographics

Balloon Stickies Plus App

**Image** Chef

Make Belief Comics