EQ: How can an iPad and Apple TV effectively be used as teaching tools in the classroom?


Participants will explore some or all of the following presentation tools - Apple TV, Doceri & Belkin Stage.
Participants will critique benefits and limitations of each presentation tool.


Apple TV

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Apple TV ideas

Belkin Stage & Dewey Document Camera

belkin sample screen.jpg

Use it as a:

Whiteboard or Blackboard
Use the camera with your stand
Use the pen to "write" on image
Bring in pics or pdfs
*Can also record audio and video of lessons (requires $1.99 per recording)


From the iPad Alone - How to videos

  • Choosing and creating custom backgrounds
  • Images from Photo Library
  • Drawing Area Tools (Pen, Marker, Highlighter, Lines, Shapes, Eraser) - press and hold to customize
  • Undo or Clear Slide Tools
  • Adding new slides
  • Recording Audio
  • Doceri Timeline
  • Lasso Tool
  • Incorporating Screenshots
  • Emailing Finished Presentation (pdf file)
  • Saving a Presentation

Controlling your Laptop with Doceri Desktop

Doceri Resources

Doceri channel on YouTube - Teacher and student sample presentations/screencasts
Doceri on Pinterest
Doceri blog
How to use Doceri in the classroom